Inspection of Under Construction Building of Shelter Home (Dar-ul-Aman) Okara by Secretary, Social Welfare

M. Haroon Rafique, Secretary, Government of the Punjab, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal Department inspected the under construction building of Shelter Home (Dar-ul-aman), Okara on 07.01.2016 along with Executive District Officer, Community Development; District Officer, Planning and Manager, D.I.H; (Sanatzar) OKara. Superintendent, Shelter Home (Dar-ul-aman) OKara; Overseers, Provincial Building Okara and Contractor of the Building were also there.
During inspection, the secretary instructed to improve the quality of windows and doors; finish work of windows, doors, floor, and kitchen slabs; install electrical and gas appliances; and to hand over the building to Social Welfare Department within one month after completion. He also instructed Superintendent, Shelter Home and District Officer Social Welfare to prepare the case for approval of installation of CC TV cameras in Shelter Home. He also visited District Industrial Home and instructed Manager to ensure cleanliness and for more plantation of trees. 
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