NGOs Registration

The main focus of Department is social development along with key issues necessary for sustainable development. Community Development Programs include strengthening and facilitating NGOs in order to reach the grassroots level of society with the involvement of common people in the development process. NGOs are now recognized as a vital component of a vibrant civil society. They motivate voluntary efforts on the basis of self-help and mobilization of human and material resources to supplement government efforts to accelerate the development process. The NGOs play a significant role in organizing government efforts for sharing responsibility in providing social services to the people as partner in development.

NGOs also play an important role in creating a link between the community and the nation building departments. They also help the departments in order to reach the grassroots level of the society especially people living in the rural, slum, katchi abadies, backward and remote areas. The main objective of the Department is to empower NGOs to identify, develop, execute, manage and evaluate their programs after their registration under The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961.


According to Government of the Punjab, Rules of Business, 1974, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal Department, Punjab is responsible for the administration of the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (R&C) Ordinance 1961, and concerned rules are as under:

  • Scrutinizing the cases of new registration and issuance of NOC for registration at district level on the recommendation of the concerned District Officer, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal
  • Registration of NGOs intended to offer services at provincial level
  • Maintenance and updating of database of all NGOs registered under law
  • Formulation and implementation of inspection, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for NGOs
  • Follow-up of audit and accounts of NGOs
  • Preparation of uniform standards for services rendered by NGOs
  • Coordination among NGOs and other development organizations with regard to the NGOs development program
  • Coordination with District Offices (SW) for holding seminars, training workshops for NGOs’ capacity building and other development programs at provincial and district levels


As per new SOPs issued vide notification No. DSW-DD(NGOs)DT&DP/2017-5479-93 dated 27 March 2017, following are the guidelines for the registration of NGOs under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control Ordinance 1961):

Procedure for Registration

The procedure for registration is as follows:

  • Persons intended to apply for registration of NGO with the department shall obtain copy of Model Constitution including prescribed format of application from Deputy Director, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal of concerned district after paying PKR 1000 as fee and get a receipt
  • Applicants shall be further directed towards concerned Area Office i.e. Rural Community Development Project, Community Development Project, Urban Community Development Project as the case may be to prepare registration case with the help of Social Welfare Officer (hereinafter referred as Area Officer)
  • Area Officer concerned shall visit the office of NGO for preparation of feasibility report under the Instructions issued on 29th October, 1982 and additional instructions issued on 01-04-15
  • Area Officer concerned shall submit the registration case to Deputy Director, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal by completing all codal formalities with his/her recommendations contained in feasibility report regarding registration or non-registration of NGO
  • Deputy Director concerned shall also visit the office of NGO, prepare its own report and if satisfied shall recommend and forward complete registration case to the concerned Divisional  Director, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal to offer Special Recommendation and get approval/NOC from Directorate General of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab
  • Divisional Director concerned shall examine the case of registration of NGO and if satisfied shall offer Special Recommendation to the members of NGO and forward case for seeking approval/NOC from Directorate General of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. In case of dissatisfaction, he may communicate observations to the concerned Deputy Director
  • In case, concerned Divisional Director intends to verify the particulars of members of NGO from Special Branch of Police, he/she will direct concerned Deputy Director to submit particulars of members of NGO on prescribed format and forward the same to Directorate General, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. The registration case should be completed otherwise and particulars of members of NGO shall not be forwarded separately
  • Deputy Director (NGOs) shall scrutinize all documents and submit the case to Director General, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab to get approval/NOC except the cases whereupon verification of particulars of members of NGO is required. If the case is incomplete otherwise, the Directorate General, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab may communicate to the Divisional Directors for removal of observations prior to issuance of approval/NOC
  • Director General, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab shall approve or disapprove the case for NOC on the basis of reasons recorded in black and white
    On approval of Director General, Deputy Director (NGOs) shall issue NOC along with complete registration case to the Divisional Director concerned. An intimation copy of the same shall also be issued in favour of President of the NGO
  • Deputy Director concerned shall issue the registration certificate to NGO on prescribed format after receiving approval/NOC through Divisional Director after recording all particulars in Form D as provided under Rule 8 of Rules, 1962
  • After issuing a Registration Certificate, the same along with verified documents of registration case, Deputy Director concerned shall forward a copy of these to Divisional Director and Deputy Director (NGOs) for the record

Registration Case

Following documents are required for the registration case:

  • List of names and designations of executive body members. The number of executive body members should be odd and proportionate to the general body members
  • List of names, complete addresses, telephone nos., occupation, nature of membership and computerized national I.D card numbers of member of general body along with attested photocopies of their ID cards
  • Proposed constitution duly filled containing the name and area of operation of NGO. Name of the NGO must have direct relevance to the aims and objectives of that agency and preferably include the term “Welfare” or “Development”
  • Plan of action (attached on separate sheet giving a brief statement of the steps to be taken for establishment of the agency with reference to accommodation, qualified personnel and equipment etc.)
  • Plan of action is also required to be comprehensive, practicable and clearly indicating the financial resources required for the implementation of proposed activities.
  • Bank certificate indicating the name of the bank in which funds of the agency are proposed to be kept. Information about President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary (having joint account) as operating persons, account number, and updated balance as detailed below:
  Category of NGOs Minimum Members Minimum Balance (PKR)
  Local Level (Community, Neighbourhood etc.) 20 2000
  District Level 20 5000
  Divisional Level (including all branches and offices) 500 15000
  Provincial Level (including all branches and offices) 500 50000

(Presently Banks have changed their policy and open account after issuance of Registration Certificate only. Therefore, an affidavit shall be taken from NGO that it will open its bank account within one month of issuance of registration certificate. In case, NGO is intended to receive foreign contributions, it shall clearly indicate its intention of opening foreign currency account in such affidavit:

  • Receipt of PKR 1000/- as Model Constitution charges
  • Minutes of founder members’ meeting in which resolution related to registration was adopted with signatures of the ¾ members
  • Affidavit regarding neither being affiliated with any political party or sectarian group nor being registered with any other forum/law and indicating that members of NGO shall participate in activities without expectation of financial reward/monetary gain etc.
  • Feasibility reports of the Area Officer and Deputy Director concerned covering all the aspects required under ibid rules/instructions. Deputy Director is required to visit the NGO personally before submitting the case to this Directorate and he/she should furnish his/her independent feasibility report with the case, signifying the present running services of the NGO, assessing their potential and viability to take up the proposed plans.
  • Special recommendation by Divisional Director concerned to the affect that reports of I.B and Special Branch are not required. In case of non- provision of Special Recommendation, prescribed format filled in favour of all members of NGO shall be required.

Record to be Maintained by an NGO Applying for Registration

Following records are required to accompany the registration case of The Voluntary Social Welfare Agency (NGO) intending to apply for registration under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (R&C) Ordinance 1961, Rules 1962 and instructions of 1982:

  • Cash Book (printed)
  • Ledger (printed)
  • Stock Register (printed)
  • Minutes Register (rolled register)
  • Membership Register (-do-)
  • Inspection Register (-do-)
  • Printed Receipt Books bearing NGOs name and page numbers
  • Membership forms with serial numbers
  • PLS joint bank account in a scheduled bank
  • Any other document worth presentation i.e. list of paid staff and activities report etc.