Beggar's Rehabilitation

Beggary is a major social evil of society which produces many other social tribulations. Its prevalence is increasing day by day. In fact it has taken a form of mafia that has evolved beggary as an occupation. Government of Punjab took the first step toward eradication of beggary and Department of Social Welfare established a Beggar’s Home in Lahore in the year 2014. The home has the capacity to accommodate 50 persons at a time.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure includes:

  • Beggars halted by police and brought to the Beggar’s Home
  • All particulars of each beggar are recorded in a register and later interviewed by Social Welfare Officer who prepares the case history of each beggar
  • Most of the beggars probably do not have identity cards therefore, NADRA is taken on board for special provision and preparation of the identity cards of these beggars. To extract authentic information from them, their families is contacted
  • In case of a child beggar, he/ she is referred to Child Protection Bureau. However, in case of a child accompanying a female beggar (mother) and those who are under the age of 5 years, then the child is allowed to stay with the mother


Following facilities are provided to the beggars admitted in the home:

Boarding and Lodging

Department provide free boarding and lodging facilities.

Medical Treatment

Free medical treatment is provided to the beggars residing in the home.

Vocational Training

Vocational skill training/ technical education for the inmates of welfare home are arranged on the notion that if they are trained with some craft they would be able to earn their livelihood instead of begging alms. Separate vocational training class for female beggars and primary classes for children are also arranged. Two Vocational teachers are hired from the market and honoraria amounting to PKR 15000/- per month is given to them.

''Religious Education

Arrangement of religious education is made to impart religious and moral values to beggars. For this purpose the religious teacher organize the prayers and teaching of Holy Quran for residents & their children.


The beggars are rehabilitated through self-employment. Those inmates who completed their vocational and technical training successfully during their stay in the Beggar Home are provided tool kits so that they may work on self –employment basis etc.

Legal Support

Since many legal complications involve while the running of the institute hence a legal adviser is hired on case to case basis to deal with the legal proceedings.

''Follow Up

The follow up system is devised to ensure permanent economic / social rehabilitation of the discharged beggars. Social welfare officer is responsible for the follow up activities.

Security Agency

Since the nature of this institution is very sensitive hence it requires extra measures to be taken for ensuring the safety and protection of the inmates. Therefore a private security agency has been hired to take care of security matters.

For the disabled beggars, efforts are made for employment under three percent quota of disable persons (Employment and Registration) Ordinance, 1981.