Medical Social Services

The Medical Social Services Projects (MSSP) are established particularly for needy patients. There are total 110 Medical Social Services Projects working at national level hospitals DHQs and THQs in the Punjab.
MSSP are providing financial assistance to the poor patients through Health Welfare Committee and Patient Welfare Society. Heath welfare committees work under the rules of Zakat Department and Zakat funds are allocated by the Zakat Department. The funds are calculated for the total (indoor and outdoor) patients of the hospital. Patients are registered with the office of Medical Social Welfare Officer for one fiscal year.

Patient Welfare Society (PWS) is a registered NGO which arrange funds for needy patients with the help of philanthropists. PWS also maintains its own account which is based on donations.

Eligibility Criteria

Poor, needy and destitute patients are eligible to avail the facilities of Medical Social Services Projects.


Following services are provided to the destitute patients:

  • Taking care of poor, needy and disable patients
  • Provision of artificial limbs and other material
  • Arrange financial assistance/ medicines for poor and destitute patients through Health Welfare Committee and Patient Welfare Society
  • Keeping liaison with families of the patients registered with Medical Social Services Projects
  • Help patients in getting employment
  • Liaisons with doctors as in the relation to problems of patients
  • Arrange blood transfusion for the patients in need and organize camps for blood donations
  • Counseling and guidance