Center for Mentally Challenged Children (Chaman)

Treatment, training and rehabilitation center for mentally challenged children (Chaman) is an institution, which was established in Lahore during the year 1990 to provide institutional care to mentally challenged children. There are a number of cases of mental illness in the province and according to the general estimation mental illness is twice as prevalent as blindness, polio, cerebral palsy and rheumatic heart conditions combined. The mental illness is a serious concern and it is the responsibility of state to protect them and provide them care and treatment which may suit their mental deficiency. It is working in close collaboration with mental hospital, Lahore and such other organizations which are engaged in this field and has the capacity to accommodate 30 children.

Eligibility Criteria

Mentally challenged children (both male and female) with I.Q. score of 30-40 and above are eligible for admission.

Admission Procedure

The mentally challenged children can get admission for day care services or hostel facilities after completion of the process of assessment and physical check up by the doctor and the psychologist.


Listed below are the facilities the Center provides:

  • Assessment, advice and guidance
  • Day care services
  • Hostel facilities
  • Provision of treatment, training and social rehabilitation of mentally challenged children in order to improve their behavior and make them as far as possible, adjusted in their societal environment to lead an independent life
  • Provision of psychiatric treatment
  • Counseling services for the families of the children

Discharge from the Institute

The children are discharged from the institute upon the advice and instructions of the doctor and also on the request of parents.