Abandoned Babies Homes (Gehwara)



Gehwara centers are homes for abandoned babies where parentless, unclaimed and deserted babies are looked after. Children from the age of 0-6 years are admitted into these homes. Meanwhile their adoption is arranged. If in case they are not adopted then they are shifted to the orphanages established by the Department. Department has established three Gehwara centers in the districts of Lahore, Rawalpindi & Multan.

Eligibility Criteria

Parentless, unclaimed and deserted babies up to the age of 0-6 years are admitted to these homes.

Admission Procedure

The process is as follows:

  • Government/ semi-government organizations, NGOs/ CSOs, registered volunteer social welfare agencies, parents/ guardian/ relative of child, hospitals/ line departments, philanthropist/ advisory committee and others can refer children to these homes for admission
  • Admission is given on a written request from the parent/ guardian/ relative or a reference
  • Parent/ guardian/ relative or the reference has to fill the admission form and submit to the in charge of respective children home
  • In case of admission of a disable child, in charge may refer such a child to concern public or private institution


Gehwara provides:

  • Institutional care and protection to the abandoned babies aging (0-6)  
  • All basic necessities such as diet, clothes, medicines, pre-schooling, nursery education, etc. to the child
  • Recreation & medical facilities
  • Arrangements for adoption of these abandoned babies by interested families
  • Follow up of adopted, placed/ rehabilitated children on regular basis         

Procedure for Adoption

The process to apply for adoption is stated below:

  • Fill a prescribed application form along with following documents:
  • Applicant has to provide surety from two citizens
  • Certificate regarding good moral character of the couple, issued by first class Magistrate
  • Evidence of sound financial position of the couple
  • Medical certificate regarding issueless from any medical officer or any doctor
  • Photocopy of the NIC of the couple
  • Latest photo of the couple
  • The in charges of Gehwara confirm/ verify the particulars of applicant through physical verification and put the case before the Advisory Committee
  • The foster parents are supposed to appear before the Advisory Committee for an interview and are required to satisfy the members regarding the authenticity of the adoption
  • The children are not placed with those families who have already adopted a child from Gehwara or other organization/ agencies etc.
  • The foster parents give an undertaking on stamped paper that they will properly look after the child
  • The child is handed over to foster parents in the presence of Magistrate through Court of Law