Half Way Home (Dar-ul-Sakoon)

This institution was established in Lahore during the year 1989 for providing an enabling & conducive convalescence to mentally sick patients (both Male & female), who are discharged from the mental hospitals but not yet ready to stay with their families in normal way. Establishment of institution is to bridge up between mental hospital and the society during the crucial grey period. Institution has the capacity to accommodate 30 patients.

Eligibility Criteria

The patients who are released from mental hospital but are not fully recovered, both male and female patients can take admission in Half Way home.

Admission Procedure

There is not any complex procedure for admission. Patient referred from mental hospital are admitted in the institution.


The institute provides the following facilities:

  • Provision of institutional care including all basic necessities.
  • Medical & psychological support.
  • Recreational facilities.
  • Provision of professional social care to cured mental patients for their full recovery restoration and rehabilitation in the society as normal citizen.
  • Provision of occupational repay by employment / self-employment.
  • Arrangement of re-union with their families or foster families.
  • Provision of follow up counseling and guidance services for adjustment in life and society.