Home for Destitute Girls (Kashana)



Department first established Kashana (welfare home for destitute and needy girls/ women) in 1973 in Lahore and after that two more Kashana were established in Rawalpindi and Sargodha. Kashana is endeavouring to educate, train and rehabilitate impoverished girls/ women. The Institute also emphasizes character building of the girls. The main objective of the institute is not only to provide shelter to destitute girls but to educate, train and rehabilitate them. Institute facilitates these girls in finding decent employment, self-employment and also makes arrangements for their marriages.

Eligibility Criteria

Following is the criteria to get enrolled:

  • Applicant should be of age 10-16 years
  • Orphan and destitute girls, girls with single parent or at least guardian are given preference for admission
  • Applicant should be medically fit (medical fitness certificate of government hospital is accepted)

Admission Procedure

The admission follows the below-stated process:

  • Application form duly verified by Chairman, local zakat committee or local councilor or referred by some gazetted officer is accepted along with copies of National ID Card
  • Three passport size photos of the girl
  • Two attested copies of CNIC of parents, guardian and person who referred the applicant for admission
  • Death Certificate in case of death of parents, registration copy of divorce in case of separation and Disability Certificate in case of disability of bread winner are also required to be attached with the application form


Residential Facilities

Institute provides quality residential facilities.


Healthy diet is provided to the inmates. Monthly menu is finalized in consultation with the girls. Mess Committee and in charge kitchen ensure that all girls are provided with meals three times a day and that the food is not wasted. Cleanliness of dining hall is also emphasized. Young girls are treated with special care by their elder mates.

Educational and Training Facilities

The facilities provided are enlisted below:

  • Educational facilities from nursery to matriculation
  • Admission of eligible girls to colleges and universities
  • Different courses from vocational training centers, sanatzars and vocational colleges including one year course of office management and computer training
  • Tailoring courses offered by institute

There are many committees at institutional level by which inmates’ administrative skills are developed like disciplinary committee and mess committee.

Pick and Drop Facility

Institute also provides pick and drop facility to the girls. A bus is available with institute for the purpose.

Health Facilities

Institute also provides health facilties to inmates.

Religious Education

Religious education of girls is also given importance. Regular Quran classes are organized while the girls get acquainted with other religious matters.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities are also provided to the girls for example television, indoor games, recreational visits etc. The girls are also allowed to avail three to seven days leave to visit their homes and meet with their parents, guardians, relatives, etc.

Rehabilitation of Inmates

Special rehabilitation plans are formulated for girls according to their needs and situation for example girls are employed according to their education and skills, given self-employment opportunities providing equipment, etc. Marriages are also arranged with the help of the advisory committee.