Mother & Children Homes (Dar-ul-Falah)

Dar-ul-Falah is an institution established by the Department for the welfare of widows, divorced, deserted and separated women along with their children. The main objective behind the establishment of these homes is to save the unfortunate, poverty-stricken families, leading a sub human life; forcing them to immoral pursuits and begging.
The Department first established Dar-ul-Falah in 1966 in Sialkot. After its successful feedback, 5 more Dar-ul-Falah were established in 1973-74.Today there are 6 Dar-ul-Falah working in divisional headquarters of Punjab (Lahore, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Multan and Bahawalpur). Each home can accommodate 30 residents along with their children.

Eligibility Criteria

Following women are eligible to enroll:    

  • Widows, divorced, deserted and separated women who have dependent children and have no one to support, and are in need of care and protection
  • Wives and the dependent children of long-term convicts who have no relatives/ friends to support and protect them
  • Wives and the dependent children of patients who are admitted in the hospitals and are physically away from the family for a long time are admitted
  • Preference is given to war widows and their dependent children
  • Degree of destitution and potential for rehabilitation is the sole determinant for admission
  • Unmarried and dependent children (boys up to 11 years of age and girls up to 18 years of age) are admitted along with their mothers. The age limit in the case of unmarried dependent daughters is relaxed by the superintendent under special circumstances
  • Women without dependent children are not admitted. They are referred to Dar-ul-Aman/ Kashana
  • The aged, sick and infirm women who have no potential for rehabilitation and are unable to stand on their own feet after training are also not admitted. Their cases are referred to hospitals/ voluntary agencies working in these fields

Admission Procedure

The process for admission is as follows:

  • Eligible women referred by registered voluntary social welfare agencies, government and semi-government projects and institutions, court, police authorities and health authorities, etc. are admitted
  • Eligible women can also directly get admission in Dar-ul-Falah
  • Admission is granted after receipt of application on the prescribed form and a case study is made with the recommendation of advisory body notified by the department
  • The maximum period of stay in the home for a family unit is 12 months. It may be extended by the advisory committee for a period of six months and by the Director (Planning & Evaluation) for another six months in special cases. Cases justifying extension of period of more than two years are submitted for the approval of the head of the department


Dar-ul-Falah provides:

  • Free shelter, clothing, medical treatment and monthly stipend up to Rs 3000 to Rs 3500
  • Religious education, technical & vocational training
  • Free educational facilities to the children of residents
  • Recreational and rehabilitative services
  • Assistance in matrimonial arrangements with the willingness of residents
  • Employment for educated and skilled residents
  • Proper follow up of the cases